Alex Witt Biography

Witt is an American journalist hosting MSNBC Weekends with Alex Witt (MSNBC Live) . She joined MSNBC in 1999 .She was born in Pasadena, California, and grew up in the neighborhood of Hancock Park, Los Angeles. She is a sports enthusiast and loves following baseball and football .

Alex Witt Age

Witt was born on April 9th , April 1961 , in Pasadena , California . 

Alex Witt Career

Witt is the host of MSNBCs Weekend with Alex Witt now MSNBC Live . Before joining MSNBC , she has worked for NBC’s Today Show as a field producer , in KCBA , KCBS-TV , KNBC-TV , KABC-TV , KCBA(1990-1992) as a reporter .

Also worked for WNYW-TV for three years 1996-1998 , after which she joined MSNBC in 1999 . She contributes to NBC’s “Nightly News”, “Making a Difference” and “Today”.

Witt has covered breaking news , politics , and other stories that have made her popular . She broadcasted the September 11th terror attack on the U.S.A from the World Trade Center . She continues to follow the war on terrorism in the Middle East and the war in Iraq .

Alex Witt  Sued

Back in 2011 , Witt was sued by her former best friend , Stephanie Jones , for failing to pay off a loan amounting to 65,000 UDSD . She had sought help from Jones , a lawyer , back in 2009 , when she was having financial difficulties after her husband had lost his job . Witt agreed to pay her in installments of 500 USD per month though she was not consistent with the payment .

Alex Witt Salary

Witt Salary estimates is still under review , this section shall be updated once information is available .

Alex Witt Net worth

Witt Net Worth is estimated to be between 2 million USD to 4 million USD .

Alex Witt Family

Witt is born to Dr.Charles.B.Witt, who is a thoracic surgeon in L.A. Details about Witt’s mother is not known , this section shall be updated once information is available . She is a distant relative to George Washington (1732-1799) , the first president of the United States .

Alex Witt Husband

Witt is married to Bill Sorensen who is a Television producer. they are blessed with a daughter , named Caroline , and a son , Charlie .

Alex Witt Education

Witt went to Marlborough School for girls and later joined the University of Southern California where she graduated with Journalism and International Relations major .


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