Alix Spiegel Biography

Spiegel is an American public radio producer as well as a science journalist who has worked on This American Life and for National Public Radio, She currently hosts and produces the NPR program Invisibilia with Hanna Rosin . 

Alix Spiegel Age

Spiegel age, date of birth is not publicly known ,this section shall be updated once information is available .

Alix Spiegel Career

Spiegel moved to Chicago where she saw an announcement in a newspaper , after graduation . It was about a fledgling local show for WBEZ called Your American Playhouse: Documentaries About American Life. In 1995 Spiegel began a correspondence with the show’s producer, Ira Glass, who took her on as an intern .

In January 2015, Spiegel joined forces with journalist Lulu Miller to co-host Invisibilia. It is a series from NPR about the unseen forces that control human behavior our ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and thoughts. Invisibilia interweaves personal stories with fascinating psychological and brain science.

They performed it in a way that ultimately makes you see your own life differently. Excerpts of the show are featured on the NPR News programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered. The program is also available as a podcast .

In 1996 the show changed its name to This American Life and was picked up nationally by Public Radio International. By then Spiegel was producing pieces for the show. That year Alix and the show’s other producers won the George Foster Peabody Award

Having taken up an interest in the human mind, Spiegel eventually moved on to freelance, she worked for NPR’s Science Desk where she served for ten years covering psychology and human behavior. Alix continued to appear as an occasional contributor to This American Life until the launch of her show Invisibilia. Spiegel science reporting has also been featured in The New York Times and The New Yorker

Alix Spiegel Salary

Siegel Salary is estimated to between 24,292 USD to 72,507 USD annualy . This translates to an hourly average wage of between 10.15 USD and 31.32 USD . However, these figures vary according to the position of one at job .

Spiegel Net Worth

Spiegel Net Worth estimates is still under review , this section shall be updated , once information is available publicly . Her primary source of income is her career as a Television Personality.

Alix Spiegel Family

Spiegel grew up in Baltimore, Maryland in a secular Jewish household. Her father was the great-grandson of Joseph Spiegel, the founder of the Spiegel Catalog. She played the violin from a very young age and initially considered a career as a musician . Her parents bacground Information is still yet to be known if publicly available .

Alix Spiegel Husband

Spiegel love life affairs has been private, this section shall be updated once information will be available .

Alix Spiegel Education

Spiegel graduated from Oberlin College.

Alix Spiegel Awards

  • A George Foster Peabody Award
  • A Livingston Award
  • An Alfred I
  • Dupont-Columbia University Award
  • A Scripps Howard National Journalism Award
  • A Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award

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