Amanda Seales relationship with co-star Issa Rae, talks rumored feud

Amanda Seales is opening up about her relationship with former co-star Issa Rae. Seales, who starred alongside Rae in the HBO series “Insecure,” addressed the feud between the cast members in his “Club Shay Shay” podcast released Wednesday.

— I have never discussed this publicly because protecting Issa has always been very important to me. Because I know Issa has done something that very few people in this business have done,” Seales told host Shannon Sharpe. – I don’t want to do a $100 million deal anymore. This is not the life I want for myself. But I know your role is very important.

Seales said her feud with Rae began in 2018 when Rae’s publicist, Vanessa Anderson, attacked her during the Black Emmy Party. Anderson had “issues” with him, but Ray allegedly did not respond to Sears’ demands.

Amanda Sears asks Issa Rae’s publicists to stop her from collecting work
Sears attends the next Black Emmy Party in 2019. Despite being invited to the event, the “Take Your Life” star claimed she was barred from attending because her name was not on the film’s list of attendees.

Sears put it together with the help of friend and actor Elijah Kelly. But Sears said he was removed from the event by security at the request of Anderson, who was later reported to be one of the event’s organizers. The actor added that it was claimed that he was attacked by a security guard during the escape.

Seales said Rae contacted him after the incident. – He called me and said, ‘Hey, I heard about what happened this weekend.’ I want you to know that I have nothing to do with this incident.

In a phone conversation with Anderson, Sears said the reporter explained that he had kicked Sears out of the party because he didn’t like her. The “Insecure” star said Anderson launched a “campaign” against him in the media, claiming Sears was controversial at the event and “in danger of being fired from HBO.”

Seales said that in subsequent conversations with Rae he raised the issue of Rae not being involved in the dispute, but this did not work.

– I said, “Look, I didn’t say that would be the problem, but I think it’s a problem that you don’t think you should participate,” – Seales recalls. —— “Then we just have different opinions,” he said. This is between you.
Amanda Sears Slams ‘False’ Narrative About ‘Insecure’ Feud With Issa Rae
Seales said that this feeling backfired when he began to feel protective of Rae during their time together, leading to rumors of inappropriate behavior due to the “unsafe pregnancy.”

“People turned, it’s wrong,” Sears said. “They always say I’m a bad girl and that I hurt these people.”

But Seales said his strong relationship with Rae (“Insecure” creator) made the accusations worse.

– I can’t afford to be the bad girl here – because you could kill me,” Sears said. “So there’s no way I can be the bad girl in this situation. “I know some people may dispute the false claim they made, but it is what it is.”

Seales also said that an argument with Anderson led to him being kicked out of the show’s production. -Everyone knows what happened. They didn’t tell me anything. “This means (expletive),” he said.

Seales said he stopped communicating with Rae towards the end of the series. While Sharp noted that Insecure guest star Lil Rel Howery saw a strong woman in Rey’s work, Sears disagreed.

– He doesn’t give me power,” Sears said. “He thinks I don’t deserve protection. I’m only giving part of the story. But this is my experience. Yet I always protect him because I feel it is my duty. But this is not true.


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