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By | May 22, 2021

Bill Bradley Biography

Bill Bradley an American politician and former professional basketball player. He worked for three terms as a Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1979-1997). He as well ran for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in the 2000 election, which he lost to Vice President Al Gore.

Bill Bradley Age

Bill i was born on 28 July 1943, Crystal City, Missouri, United States.

Bill Bradley Basketball Career

Bill started playing basketball at the age of nine. He was a star at Crystal City High School, where he scored 3,068 points in his scholastic career, was twice named All-American, and was elected to the Missouri Association of Student Councils.He was considered to be the top high school basketball player in the country.

He initially chose to attend Duke in the fall of 1961. However, after breaking his foot in the summer of 1961 during a baseball game and thinking about his college decision outside of basketball, Bradley decided to enroll at Princeton due to its record in preparing students for government or the United States Foreign Service work.

He had been awarded a scholarship at Duke, but not at Princeton; the Ivy League does not allow its members to award athletic scholarships, and he was disqualified from receiving financial aid because of his family’s wealth:13 Bradley’s childhood hero Dick Kazmaier had won the Heisman Trophy at Princeton, and he wore #42 in his honor.

In his freshman year, Bill averaged more than 30 points per game for the freshman team, at one point making 57 consecutive free throws, breaking a record set by a member of the NBA’s Syracuse Nationals. The following year, as a sophomore, he was a varsity starter in Butch van Breda Kolff’s first year as coach of the Tigers.

Bill Bradley Political Career

Politics was a frequent subject of discussion in the Bill household, and some of his relatives held local and county political offices. He majored in history at Princeton, and was present in the Senate chamber when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. Van Breda Kolff and many others who knew him predicted that Bradley would be Governor of Missouri, or president, by 40.

He spent his time at Oxford focusing on European political and economic history. In 1978, he said that congressman Mo Udall, himself a former professional basketball player, had told him ten years earlier that professional sports could help prepare him for politics, depending on what he did with his non-playing time.

After four years of political campaigning for Democratic candidates around New Jersey, Bradley decided in the summer of 1977 to run for the Senate himself, coinciding with his retirement from the Knicks. He felt his time had been well-spent in “paying his dues”.

The seat was held by liberal Republican and four-term incumbent Clifford P. Case. Case lost the primary election to anti-tax conservative Jeffrey Bell, who, like Bradley, was 34 years old as the campaign season began. Bill won the seat in the general election with about 56 percent of the vote. During the campaign, Yale football player John Spagnola was Bill’s bodyguard and driver.

Bill Bradley Net Worth

Bill’s estimated net worth is under review.

Bill Bradley Height and Weight

Bill stands tallat an estimated height of 1.96m and weighs 93 kg.

Bill Bradley Education

Bill joined Crystal City High School where he graduated and joined Worcester College with his BA. He is a 1965 alumnus of Princeton University.

Bill Bradley Family

Bill was born to son of Warren and Susan “Susie” Crowe . His fatherworked as a bank president while his mother a teacher and former high school basketball player.

Bill Bradley Wife

Bill Bradley married Ernestine Schlant, a German-born professor of comparative literature, in 1974. She has a daughter, Stephanie, from a previous marriage, and they have one daughter together, Theresa Anne. The duo divorced in 2007, and he lives with former LBJ Library director Betty Sue Flowers.

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