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Alaïa McBroom Bio, Age, Height, Marriage, Salary, Net worth,

Alaïa McBroom is a four-year-old socialite and child celebrity who gained fame from her family’s famous ACE Family YouTube channel. Her mother is Catherine Pitz and her father is Austin McBroom. Alaïa has her own Instagram account, which is managed by her parents and has more than 20,000 followers. As of August 2023, the family has a huge following on YouTube with over 18.5 million users. Alaïa has appeared in “ACE Family: Dizzy” and “ACE Family Documentary: Welcome to Our Lives”.

Samuel Joseph Mozes Bio, Age, Family, Education Wife, Career, Parents, Net worth

Samuel Samuel Joseph Mozes is generally known as the son of American actress Cynthia Nixon and LGBTQ activist. He was born on November 9, 1996 in New York, USA, this year he turns 26 years old. Moses is in the news not only because he is the son of a celebrity, but also because his mother, as a transgender, has revealed the truth about his sexuality. This curiosity gradually turned into a desire to learn all about Cynthia Nixon and her ex-partner’s son.