Daniele Hamamdjian Biography

Daniele Hamamdjian is an Egyptian-Canadian television journalist and a special correspondent for World News in Jerusalem since October 2023. Since 2014 he has worked as an international correspondent in response to CCTV News’ London office.

In addition, his international journalist, passion for international travel and the four languages ​​he speaks show his development and knowledge background. These include knowledge of French and English, as well as conversational Arabic and Italian. It is also known that he was nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards for covering the issue of the Rohingya problem and was nominated for Best Journalist at the 7th Canadian Screen Awards in 2019.

〈Daniel is also a finalist in the “Five Minute Report” category at the 2021 Canadian Association of Journalists Awards and in the Best Editing category for “W5 Documentary Engulfed by Conspiracy” at the 2022 10th Canadian Film Awards. Research Award. Hamamdjian studied journalism at Concordia University and joined CTV in 2006 as a local correspondent at the network’s Montreal affiliate, CFCF-DT, before moving to the Ottawa bureau in 2009.

Daniele Hamamdjian Started her career as a reporter for the Santa Monica Daily Press in California. Hamajian, who was previously based in CTV News’s Ottawa bureau, traveled with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In addition, he has reported on major news stories in Canada, including the 2011 Attawapiskat Aboriginal garden incident, which highlighted sexual abuse in Attawapiskat and Aboriginal communities. Country

Tso, Hamamdjian and the CTV News Team also reported on the 2010′ They were the first international media team to arrive in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in . According to the press office of the London media, Hammdjian covered various international news, including the war in Ukraine and the refugee phenomenon.

Also Queen II. He also talked about the death and funeral of Elizabeth and Prince Philip; Brexit negotiations; The fight against terrorism in the UK; European crisis in Italy, Greece, Austria and Germany; Prince Leigh and Meghan Markle’s wedding; Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh; and general services from the Middle East.

Also, Hamamdjian’s other important projects during his time as a London journalist include the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Daniele Hamamdjian Age

How old is Daniele Hamamdjian? Hamamjian’s age is 31 as of 2023. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. However, we do not know his year and date of birth. We promise to update you as soon as content becomes available.

Daniele Hamamdjian Height

How tall is Daniele Hamamdjian? Hamamdjian’s average height is 1.70 meters and he is of average weight. However, he did not give a clear statement about his average height and body shape. However, his weight is not yet known but will be updated.

Daniele Hamamdjian Family

Hamamdjian thanks her parents. They instilled in him the need to always keep abreast of the latest developments and global challenges. However, she has not yet revealed the names or identities of her parents and siblings.

Daniele Hamamdjian’s Spouse

Hamamdjian kept her relationship secret from the public. It is unclear whether he is married or currently involved with someone.

Daniele Hamamdjian’s Net Worth

Hamamdjian’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 to $5 million.

Daniele Hamamdjian Salary

Hamamdjian’s annual salary is approximately $400,000. Additionally, his salary dropped to $32,000 a month and $8,000 a week.


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