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By | May 27, 2021

Dory Funk Jr. Biography

Dory Funk Jr. (Dorrance Earnest Funk) an American retired professional wrestler and wrestling trainer known as the brother to wrestler Terry and son to Dory Funk. He as well was a promoter of Western States Sports in Amarillo, Texas. he currently runs a professional wrestling school called the Funking Conservatory.

Dory Funk Jr. Age

Dory was born on February 3, 1941, in Hammond, Indiana.

Dory Funk Jr. Wrestler

Funk began his professional wrestling career in 1963 just after graduating from college. His first match was with Don Fargo in which he won. He later fought Harley Race, Wild Bull Curry, and Iron Mike DiBiase in his father’s Western States Sports promotion in Texas.

In February 1969, Funk won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Gene Kiniski and held the NWA World Champion for the next four and a half years. He wrestled his last match in November 2018 under the wrestling stable Tokyo Gurentai.

He now runs the Funking Conservatory Professional Wrestling School in Ocala, Florida. As the coach there, he teaches the Dory Funk Method of Professional Wrestling. Some of his students include; Mickie James, Matt Hardy, Mansoor, Ted DiBiase, and Christian Cage. His matches feature on BANG TV which is run by his wife.

Some of his accomplishments include NWA International Heavyweight Championship (2 times), NWA International Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1981), World’s Strongest Tag Determination League Technical Award (1977) – with Terry Funk, and World’s Strongest Tag Determination League Skill Award (1985) – with Giant Baba.

Dory Funk Jr. Net Worth

Funk Jr.’s has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Dory Funk Jr. Height and Weight

Funk Jr stands tall at an average height of 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches) and has an average body weight.

Dory Funk Jr. Education

Dory joined West Texas State University and had a successful football career while at college before becoming a wrestler.

Dory Funk Jr. Family

Funk Jr. was born to Dory Funk and Dorothy Funk Culver in Indiana. He was raised up along with his brother called Terry Funk who is also a professional wrestler.

Dory Funk Jr. Wife

Dory married his first wife, Jimmie back on 8th June 1960. The duo separated and were officially divorced on 6th July 1983. In 1980, he met Marti who became his second wife after they got married in 1989.

Dory Funk Jr. Children

Dory has three children from his first marriage named Dory III, Adam Dirk, and Penny. He as well has five grandchildren from his second marriage, Funk has two children. His son Dory III enrolled for medicine and now practices out of Colorado. while his other son Dory IV is now training to be a wrestler under Dory Jr.

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