Drew Basile (Survivor) Bio, Age, Parents, Height, High School and College, Net worth

By | December 18, 2023

 Drew Basile Biography

Andrew Basile is a reality star from Birmingham, Michigan who is best known for his role on CBS’ “Survivor 45.” A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she studies English and philosophy. Basil won the Barry Scholarship and went to graduate school at Oxford University.

Drew Basile Age

Basile was born on September 25, 2000 and is the youngest of the “Survivor 45”.

Drew Basile Parents

Basile was born in Birmingham, Michigan to his parents. His mother’s name is Manya Sheehan Basile and his father is Bay. Basil. Drew’s mother is a fine art and antique appraiser and the owner of a real estate appraisal company. Moreover, Basil also has a younger brother named Charles Basil.

Drew Basile Height

Survivor 45 contestant Basile stands 6 feet 3 inches (approx) tall.

Drew Basel’s Girlfriend

Basel appears to be single now.

Drew Basel High School and College

A Basel, Michigan native, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in English and arts/literature. His mother also congratulated him on winning the Barry Scholarship and going to graduate school at Oxford University. As for his high school education, Basil attended D University Jesuit High School and College.

Drew Basile Career

Basile is a staff researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Press and a researcher at Your Words in My Ear.

Drew Barthel Survivor

Barthel is a contestant on CBS’ Survivor 45. He is a history graduate student originally from Birmingham, MI, but currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. Basile is the youngest of the Survivor 45, he was just 22 when he filmed the CBS gaming reality show.

A Basel, Michigan native, he describes himself as smart, smart and energetic. He identifies most with former Survivor contestant Penner, who is “very serious and leans into my quirks.”

Basel is also proud to “win the 2019 Quiz National Championship.” He works as a team leader, which is the result of many years of hard work.


Basile considers his mother to be his greatest inspiration. He said his mother “was a pillar of strength, always pushing him to exceed his limits, and without her he wouldn’t be half as successful.”

Drew Basel Net Worth

Basel is currently a graduate student at State. I study English and philosophy at university. He appears unemployed as of December 2023.


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