F. Lee Bailey (Lawyer) Bio, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, and Disbarred

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F. Lee Bailey Biography

F. Lee Bailey (Francis Lee Bailey Jr) is an American former criminal defense attorney. He is known for representing O.J. Simpson in his 1995 murder trial. He got licensed in Massachusetts and Florida in most of his career. He was disbarred from Florida back in 2001 and in Massachusett6s back in 2003.

He as well worked as a lawyer in the re-trial of Sam Sheppard who was an osteopathic physician. He as well served as the supervisory attorney in the court-martial of Captain Ernest Medina over Attorney Mark j Kadish for the My Lai Massacre.

In O. J Simpson Murder case, he was one of the ‘dream team lawyers’. Bailey because of misconduct was disbarred in Florida and Massachusetts. He misconducted himself while defending his client Calude Louis DuBois. Both the Maine Board of Bar Examiners and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court denied him a law license.

F. Lee Bailey Age

F. Lee was born on June 10, 1933, in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.

F. Lee Bailey Disbarred

F. Lee got known due to his cases as well as his own actions. Bailey was disbarred from Florida in 2001. He was as well disbarred in Massachusetts on April 11, 2003. In order for him to be disbarred in Florida, Bailey has involved himself in the handling of shares in Biochem Pharma, a pharmaceutical company.

This was during his representation in marijuana dealer DuBoc. At that time it was said that F. Lee had transferred a large portion of DuBoc’s assets to his own accounts. It was worth around $5.9 million.

The stock was supposed to be included in the forfeiture of assets that DuBoc. It was to be made as part of a plea bargain. Bailey was the one to handle it because it was supposed to be sold immediately if it came into government possession. In value, it was expected to rise dramatically.

F. Lee, however, failed to turn it over, arguing that it was his legal payment and not part of DuBoc’s asset forfeiture as it was said. He also added that the stock as collateral for loans that he had received.

In this part, he argued that it could not be sold unless those loans were repaid. The court rejected all there arguments. The value of the stock was raised to about $20 million by the court. Bailey said that he was to keep the difference between what it was valued at when he received it and it’s new, higher price if he turned over the stock so that it could be sold.

In the year 1996, F. Lee was imprisoned for six weeks, meaning that it was one month and two weeks, for contempt of court. F. Lee’s brother helped him to turn the stock over to the government. He was later released.

F. Lee was as well found guilty of seven attorney misconduct by the Florida Supreme Court. F. Lee was ordered by a judge in early 2003, to pay $5 million in taxes and penalties on income connected with the Duboc case.

The judge later reversed the decision. F. Lee has an unpaid tax of nearly $2 million which he disputed. F. Lee was denied a law license in March 2005.

F. Lee Bailey Application to Practice Law in the State of Maine

F. Lee in the year 2009 mover to Yarmouth, Maine became a partner in the Bailey & Elliott consulting business alongside his then-girlfriend Debbie Elliot. After passing the Maine bar examination, F. Lee applied for a law license.

He was voted 5–4 to deny his application by the Maine Board of Bar Examiners. In order to practice law, the majority law said that F. Lee had not proven and convinced them that he has the requisite honesty and integrity to do it.

F. Lee appalled to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court through a petition to review the denial. A two-day hearing in March 2013 was held by Justice Donald G. Alexander, at the Supreme Judicial Court. F. Lee’s ability and suitability to pursue law was examined during that hearing.

On April 19, 2013, Justice Donald file a 57-page ruling. It stated that F. Lee was almost fit to practice law expect the fact that he had an outstanding tax debt of nearly $2 million. Luckily, F. Lee was allowed to move for reconsideration of the decision under which he was given a condition that unless he offers a plan on how he would repay the debt that the government owes him.

Initially, it was said the government owed F. Lee a debt of $4 million in back taxes. F. Lee successfully represented himself in court and it was evident that he had a debt of $2 million. The debt was reduced to half, having him being owed $2 million. Peter DeTroy who was F. Lee’s attorney, filed a motion for reconsideration of the decision in JUne 2013.

F. Lee Bailey Net Worth

F. Lee has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand dollars.

F. Lee Bailey Height and Weight

F. Lee standds tall at a an average height of 1.7m and has an average body weight of weighs 71 kg.

F. Lee Bailey Education

Lee joined Cardigan Mountain where and later transferred and joined Kimball Union Academy. He as well graduated from Kimball Union Academy in 1950. He then enrolled at Harvard University where he dropped in 1952 in order to join the United States Marine Corps. He was commissioned as an officer. He trained and received his Naval Aviator wings in the year 1954.

He worked as a squadron legal officer as well as a jet fighter pilot. Before enrolling at Boston University School of Law in the year 1957, he shortly returned to Harvard University. He earned the highest grade point in the school’s history. He later graduated with an LL.B. in 1960 and was ranked first in his class.

F. Lee Bailey Family

F. Lee was born to a teacher and advertising salesman. His mother, Grace L. Mitchell was a teacher as well as a nursery school director and his father was an advertising salesman. His parents parted ways when he was barely ten years of age. F. Lee has a sister who goes by the name Nancy Bailey.

F. Lee Bailey Married

Bailey first married Florence Gott in 1960 and later divorced in 1961. He then married Froma Portney with whom the day or the year they exchanged their vows is unknown. However, the pair parted ways in 1972. F. Hethwn married Lynda Hart and the same year he divorced from Froma, 1972.

He then married Partsricia Shiers in 1985. Shiers later died in 1999. He F. Lee was also said to be in a romantic relationship with Debbie Elliott. Lee was as well in a relationship with Connie Francis.

F. Lee Bailey Children

F. Lee has three children named Brian Bailey, Bendrix L. Bailey, and Scott F. Bailey. For all the three kids it is quite evident that they are from his former relationships and marriages.

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