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By | July 26, 2023

Graham Hancock Biography

Graham Hancock is a British journalist and author. He is known for his pseudoscientific views on ancient civilizations, about which he wrote twelve volumes. His main thesis is the hypothetical link between the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica and the earlier and more advanced “mother cultures”.

He argues that later ancient cultures descended from this advanced “mother culture”. The journalist has been heavily criticized by historians and archaeologists because his work has not been peer-reviewed or published in academic publications, making it an example of pseudo-history and pseudo-archaeology.

Graham Hancock Age

Graham Hancock was born on August 2, 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland. he is 72 years old.

Graham Hancock Height

Graham is 1.80 meters tall.

Graham Hancock Family

His parents gave birth to him in Edinburgh, Scotland. Graham came to India with his parents when he was three years old. His father worked as a surgeon in India. He has worked as a journalist for British newspapers such as The Times, The Independent, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. He also served as associate editor of the New Internationalist Journal from 1976 to 1979. Graham served as the East Africa correspondent for The Economist magazine from 1981 until 1983.

Graham Hancock Wife

He is happily married to his beautiful wife Santa Fire. Sansa is a photographer specializing in ancient cultures and monuments.

Graham Hancock Education

Graham returned to England and enrolled at Durham University, where in 1973 he received a First Class Honors degree in Sociology.

Graham Hancock’s Net Worth

Graham’s combined net worth is $18 million.

Graham Hancock Career

He first visited Gobekli Tepe in 2013 and wrote about it in his 2015 book Magicians of the Gods. According to Graham, archaeologists are too eager to explain the “beginning” of civilization. In an article he wrote, Graham said that Göbekli Tepe is like a reboot. Gobekli Tepe is located in Turkey and is over 11,600 years old. This is the oldest megalithic site ever discovered. But “in this new study, it’s not really mentioned,” argues Graham. “Why are archaeologists so reluctant to confirm the link?” he is at a loss.

He is the author of the book “Supernatural”.
An encounter with the ancient teachers of mankind. The book was released by him in the UK in October 2005 and in the US by him in 2006. In this book I Graham analyzes Paleolithic cave art through the lens of David Lewis Williams’ neuropsychological paradigm. He also considers their relationship to the development of the fully modern human mind. Graham is the author of the 1995 pseudoarchaeological book Fingerprints of the Gods.
Evidence of Earth’s lost civilizations. He quotes his 19th-century author Ignatius Donnelly, who wrote about Atlantis.
In this work, “The World of Antedilvia” (1882). According to Graham, all known ancient historical civilizations can be traced back to mysterious ancient highly developed civilizations that existed in prehistoric times. In 2009, Roland Emmerich released a hugely successful disaster film. In the film credits, he mentions Graham’s book Fingerprints of the Gods as a source of inspiration. Graham wrote the pseudoarchaeological book Fingerprints of the Gods.
Evidence of Earth’s lost civilizations in 1995. In this book he recalls Ignatius Donnelly, author of Atlantis.
The World of Antedilvia (1882). Graham argues that a mysterious ancient advanced civilization existed in prehistoric times and served as the common mother civilization of all later known ancient historical civilizations. In 2009, Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster disaster film hit theaters.

In the credits, he mentions Graham’s book Fingerprints of the Gods, which inspired the film. He spoke at TEDx about “Battle with Consciousness”. In that talk, Graham recounted his own experiences with ayahuasca, an Amazonian beer that contains the hallucinogenic compound DMT. He suggested that people should be able to use it properly for their own growth and spiritual development. This talk has been removed from the TEDx YouTube channel on the advice of the TED Scientific Committee.

Graham was redirected to his TED main website. This journalist has appeared on the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” several times. In 2009, Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster disaster film hit theaters. In the credits, he credits “The Fingerprints of the Gods” as the inspiration for this image. He said he always wanted to make a biblical Flood film, but never thought it would hit the right hook. Roland was the first to learn of Graham’s fingerprints of the gods and tectonic theory.

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