How Carissa Moore preparing for the ‘intimidating waves’ at next Games

Carissa Moore’s preparation for facing intimidating waves at the next Games likely involves a combination of mental and physical training tailored specifically to the challenges of the conditions she expects to encounter. Here are some ways she might be preparing:

Technical Training

Moore is likely honing her surfing skills, focusing on techniques that are effective in challenging conditions such as large waves, strong currents, and unpredictable breaks. This may involve practicing maneuvers that help her maintain control and balance in turbulent waters.


Surfing in intimidating waves requires exceptional physical fitness and endurance. Moore is likely following a rigorous training regimen that includes strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and flexibility drills to ensure she is in peak condition to handle the demands of the waves.


Mental preparation is crucial in surfing, especially when facing intimidating conditions. Moore may use visualization techniques to mentally rehearse her performance, visualizing herself successfully navigating through challenging waves with confidence and composure.


Moore may seek out opportunities to surf in similar conditions to those she expects at the next Games. By gaining firsthand experience in intimidating waves, she can familiarize herself with the challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.


In surfing, adaptability is key. Moore may be working on her ability to quickly adjust her approach based on the changing conditions of the waves. This flexibility allows her to capitalize on opportunities and make split-second decisions while riding challenging waves.

Mental Resilience

Surfing in intimidating waves requires mental toughness and resilience. Moore may be working with sports psychologists or mental coaches to strengthen her mindset, build confidence, and develop coping strategies for overcoming fear and anxiety in high-pressure situations.

Overall, Carissa Moore’s preparation for facing intimidating waves at the next Games is likely comprehensive and multifaceted, encompassing technical skill development, physical conditioning, mental training, and strategic preparation. Through her dedication and hard work, she aims to be fully prepared to tackle whatever challenges the waves may present.


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