Jenny Boyd Biography

Jenny Boyd is a celebrated English Former Model, Rock Muse, Author and Clinical Manager who was born and brought-up in Guildford, Surrey

Jenny Boyd Age

Boyd 72 years old as of 2019, she was born on 8 November 1947, in Guildford, Surrey, England. She celebrates her birthday on 8th November of every year and her birth sign is Scorpio.

Jenny Boyd Career

Jenny is widely known as the younger sister of the Model and Photographer of 1960’s Pattie Bond who was the first wife of the late George Harrison. She left Modelling to Transcendental Meditation after discovering it in 1960’s and claimed that modelling was wasting her career.

Jenny Boyd Salary

Jenny Salary estimated is still under review, this section will be updated once information is publicly known.

Jenny Boyd Net Worth

Jenny has an estimated net worth of 1.3 million USD as of 2020. These includes her assets, money and income. Her primary source of income is her career as a Former Model, Rock Muse, Author and Clinical Manager. Through her various sources of income, she has managed to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Jenny Boyd Family

Boyd is the daughter of Diana Frances Boyd and Colin Ian Langdon. Her father worked as a pilot while information about her mother is unavailable. She spent her childhood and career life with her older sister Pattie Boyd

Jenny Boyd Husband

Jenny has encountered three men in her marital life. She first met Mick Fleetwood during their school time. married Mick was a drummer in The Bo Street Runners band after which he later co-founded his own band ‘Fleetwood mac’ in 1967. They initially had an on-and-off relationship for about two years and eventually tied the knot in June 1970
They experienced marital problems that lead them to divorce and later reunited and then divorced for the second time. In 1984, she married Ian Wallace, a drummer and later divorced him in the 90’s. She is currently married to David Levitt OBE with whom they tied the knot in 1997.

Jenny Boyd and Mick Fleetwood

Boyd and Mick Fleetwood met while studying at the same school and she was 15 years old by then. During that time, he was playing drums in ‘The Bo Street Runners’ which inspired him to co-found his own band titled ‘Fleetwood Mac
The duo began having an affair for about 15 years which was considered on-and-off since they were busy with other schedules. In June 1970, they finally tied the knot and are proud parents of two daughters namely Lucy and Amy. They later divorced and remarried again and then divorced again for the second time.

Jenny Boyd Education

Jenny had managed to get informal and formal schools of which are not yet to be known,once the information got this section shall be updated.

Jenny Boyd Model

Boyd was a freelance model in the 1960s, and oftenly went with her sister Pattie to modeling jobs. However, Jenny and Pattie started hanging out with The Beatles, different bands namely Eric Clapton, and other major British rock acts. However, she wrote, or co-wrote, the two songs for the band Fleetwood Mac manager gave him writing credits to Fleetwood. As a rock star muse, she inspired at least Donovan and Mick Jagger to write songs about her. She traveled with the Beatles on their famous 1968 trip to India.

Jenny Boyd Book

Jenny has so far written two books. The first one, she partnered with another author to write the book about music and psychology called ‘Musicians in Tune.’ She founded and run an addiction treatment center based in England. Recently, she published her other book which is her autobiography titled ‘Jennifer Juniper’.


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