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Jim Lehrer born (James Charles “Jim” Lehrer) an American journalist and a novelist and former Executive Editor and a former News Anchor for the PBS NewsHour on PBS. He is as well well known for his role as a Debate Moderator in U.S. Presidential Election campaigns. He is also an author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books that draw upon his experience as a newsman, along with his interests in history and politics.

Jim Lehrer Age

Lehrer was born on May 19, 1934, in Wichita, Kansas, the U.S.

Jim Lehrer Career

Lehrer began his journalism career in 1959 at The Dallas Morning News in Texas in 1959. He then worked as a reporter for the Dallas Times-Herald, covering the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. He was as well a Political Columnist for several years there and he became the City Editor in 1968. He started off on television at KERA-TV in Dallas, Texas, as the Executive Director of Public Affairs, an On-air Host, and Editor of a nightly news program.

e then moved to PBS in Washington, D.C., to become the Public Affairs Coordinator, a member of the Journalism Advisory Board, and also a Fellow at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). He as well worked as a Correspondent for the National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT) where he met Robert MacNeil. The pair covered the Senate Watergate hearings and the revelation of the Watergate Tapes broadcast, live on PBS.

Jim as well covered the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry of President Richard Nixon. He later became the Washington Correspondent for the “Robert MacNeil Report” on Thirteen/WNET New York in October 1975. He got promoted on December 1, 1975, to co-anchor and the program was accordingly renamed “The MacNeil/Lehrer Report”. The duo relaunched their show as The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.

Newshour With Jim Lehrer

After MacNeil leaving in 1995, it was renamed The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and in 2009 became the PBS NewsHour. In 2008, he underwent a heart valve surgery and while recovering, journalist Ray Suarez took over the show until his return on June 26, 2008. He then stepped down as anchor of the PBS NewsHour on June 6th, 2011, and he continued to moderate the Friday news analysis segments. He continued to be involved with the show’s production company, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions.

Jim Lehrer Debate

He has appeared in several U.S. Presidential Debate-related projects, including the Debating Our Destiny Documentaries in 2000 and 2008. The documentaries feature excerpts of includes interviews with many of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates as from 1976. He got to be nicknamed The Dean of Moderators by Bernard Shaw, formerly of CNN since he has moderated 12 Presidential Debates.

He as well hosted the first U.S. Presidential Debate for the 2012 U.S. Presidential general election. Before he had sworn off moderating any debates after 2008. The Commission on Presidential Debates persisted, and he then accepted as he was interested in the new format. The debate was held at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, and also covered domestic policy issues.

Jim Lehrer The Last Debate

He moderates his 12th Presidential Debate, while he was criticized on social media and also in the press due to lack of control and open-ended questions, He got was praised for letting the candidates have some control in the debate on their own terms. He announced his retirement in May 2011 that he would retire effective June 6, 2011.

Jim Lehrer Tension City

He gives readers a ringside seat for some of the epic political battles of our time, with facts on all of the critical turning points and rhetorical faux pas that helped determine the outcome of America’s presidential elections. From his own experiences as “the man in the middle seat,” in-depth interviews with the candidates and his fellow moderators, and transcripts of key exchanges, he shows light to what he calls the “Major Moments” and “killer questions” that defined the debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain. In this paperback edition, he also offers his expert analysis of the 2012 Republican primary debates.

Jim Lehrer Salary

Lehrer earns an annual estimated salary ranges of between $72,878 – $79,088.

Jim Lehrer Net Worth

Lehrer has an estimated net worth of $3 million

Jim Lehrer Books

  • (1988) – Kick the Can
  • (1989) – Crown
  • (1990) – The Sooner Spy
  • (1991) – Lost and Found.
  • (1992) – Short List
  • (1994) – Fine Lines
  • Charlie Henderson Series
  • (1993) – Blue Hearts
  • (1998) – Purple Dots
  • (1966) – Viva Max!
  • (1995) – The Last Debate
  • (1996) – White Widow
  • (2000) – The Special Prisoner
  • (2002) – No Certain Rest
  • (2004) – Flying Crows: A Novel
  • (2005) – The Franklin Affair
  • (2006) – The Phony Marine
  • (2007) – Eureka
  • (2009) – Oh, Johnny
  • (2010) – Super
  • (2013) – Top Down: A Novel of the Kennedy Assassination.
  • (1975) – We Were Dreamers
  • (1992) – A Bus of My Own
  • (2011) – Tension City

Jim Lehrer Height and Weight

Lehrer stands tall at an average height and has a moderate weight.

Jim Lehrer Family

Lehrer was born to Lois Catherine (mother), a bank clerk; and Harry Frederick Lehrer (father), a bus station manager. His father briefly run a bus company.

Jim Lehrer Wife

Lehrer married Kate Tom Staples a novelist on June 4, 1960, the duo has three daughters and six grandchildren.


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