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John Nord Biography

John Nord (John Eric Nord ) an American retired pro-wrestler famously known for his appearance with the American Wrestling Association(AWA) and World Class Championship Wrestling(WCCW) in the ’80s as Nord the Barbarian and Yukon John.

John Nord Age

John born on October 18, 1959, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States of America.

John Nord Career

John began wrestling in late 1984 as “The Barbarian” for Mid-South Wrestling under manager Skandor Akbar. In 1985 and 1986 he changed his ring name to Nord the Barbarian and wrestled in singles and tag team competition under manager Adnan El Kassey in the American Wrestling Association.

John regularly teamed with Bruiser Brody while there. The two-faced Greg Gagne and Jimmy Snuka as part of a triple main event at WrestleRock 86. He then went to World Class Championship Wrestling under manager Gary Hart where he feuded with Kevin Von Erich for the World Class Title.

He challenged Von Erich for the WCCW title at the 3rd Annual David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions at Texas Stadium in 1987.
In 1989, John returned to the AWA under the name “Yukon John”. A lumberjack gimmick where he would come to the ring with an ax, dressed in blue jeans, flannel shirt, animal skin hat, and boots.

John mainly competed in the singles competition until forming a tag team in 1990 with Scott Norton, calling themselves the “Yukon Lumberjacks”. They feuded briefly with the Texas Hangmen. When the AWA stopped promoting, he moved to Pacific Northwest Wrestling.

In 1991, John went to the WWF as The Viking. He soon changed his name to The Berzerker and was managed by Mr. Fuji and he feuded with Davey Boy Smith and Jimmy Snuka.

John most preferred method of winning matches was by throwing his opponents out of the ring and getting a “count out” victory, all the while holding his wrist, licking his hand, shouting “Huss! Huss!” à la Bruiser Brody, and intentionally falling flat on his back.

John wrestled as part of a 4-man team in an elimination match at the 1991 Survivor Series pay-per-view event. He was the last man eliminated from his team. He then feuded with The Undertaker, at one point attempting to stab him with his sword. In 1992 he won a 40-man Battle Royal, aired on WWF Prime Time Wrestling, but left the WWF the following year.

John went to All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1994 and stayed till 1997 when he showed up in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with bleach blond hair under his real name, John Nord.

John wrestled mainly on WCW Saturday Night and started a long winning streak that culminated with a match against another streak holder, Bill Goldberg, on July 4, 1998. He lost the match, had a short-lived team with Barry Darsow, and was soon gone from WCW.

John Nord Net Worth

John has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

John Nord Height and Weight

John stands tall at a height of 6 ft 8 in (203 cm) and weighs 323 lb (147 kg).

John Nord Family

John information about his family is publicly unavailable. This section will be updated once this information is available.

John Nord Wife

John information about his love life is publicly unavailable. This section will be updated once this information is available. He has a son named “Joe” hat wrestles HWT for the University of Minnesota.

John Nord Championships

  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
  • PWI Rookie of the Year (1985)
  • PWI ranked him 422nd of the 500 best singles wrestlers during the “PWI Years” in 2003

John Nord Arrested

John got arrested and placed in custody on March 23 for multiple traffic violations in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Independent wrestler and interviewer Hannibal was scheduled to interview John, but it had to be canceled due to his arrest. He was supposed to be in attendance for the Mark out at the Meadowlands convention which occurred on Sunday, April 7, in Secaucus, New Jersey.

John got arrested at 5:23 p.m. on March 23, and placed in custody on two counts: one was a felony charge for driving while intoxicated/operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, and the other a gross misdemeanor for driving after his license was canceled, which he was deemed “inimical to public safety.”

In Minnesota, this term means that a driver has been found to be unable to safely control their vehicle but without presenting a serious danger to others. However, licenses are canceled as inimical to public safety when drivers are deemed to pose too great of a risk to others, which forfeits their legal ability to continue driving.

He was placed on a $60,000 bond for the felony DWI charge. Although there was not any confirmation that he posted bail, organizers for the Mark out at the Meadowlands event were told that he was not allowed to leave the state of Minnesota.

In an episode of Judge Mathis aired of John being sued for failing to pay two credit cards that were opened up for him from a friend who he met at a substance abuse facility that she worked at. He stated that he is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and paid back the plaintiff with “205 valuable wrestling dolls.”

The two credit cards totaled 4,759 dollars which John failed to repay. He stated that there was a $10,000 royalty check sent from WWE that he burned through, but another check that he expected never came.

The 205 wrestling dolls John gave her were in exchange for the promised royalty check, for her to sell online. The dolls played in Nord’s favor and reduced the judgment for the plaintiff to 3,059 dollars.

John Nord Probation

John was brought up recently when there was a rumor that The Viking Raiders were going to be called The Berserkers. This is because when Nord wrestled for WWF, he was known as The Berserker. Some fans wondered why he wasn’t brought into the company during that time. The reason being is that John has had quite a run-in with the law over the last decade.

Not only that but many local bars in the suburbs of Minneapolis have banned him from their establishments due to continually bouncing checks. I should know, I work at an establishment that had a couple of checks bounce from John. Local Minnesota paper The Star Tribune reported that Nord was recently sentenced to five years probation from an incident in March.

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