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By | May 29, 2021

Joseph diGenova Biography

Joseph diGenova an American lawyer, political commentator, and conspiracy theorist. He worked as the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia from 1983 to 1988.

He is well known for promoting conspiracy theories about the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Joseph diGenova Age

DiGenova was born on February 22, 1945 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

Joseph diGenova Career

As a U.S. Attorney, Joseph diGenova led the prosecution of Jonathan Pollard, who pleaded guilty in 1987 to spying for Israel. He as well led investigations into corruption in the administration of Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry that led to convictions of 12 officials, including two deputy mayors.

He later served as Independent Counsel investigating the 1992 preelection search of then-candidate Bill Clinton’s passport file by officials of the George H. W. Bush administration. He concluded that the passport search had been “stupid, dumb and partisan,” but not illegal, and that the government should apologize to the officials who ordered the search.

Joseph diGenova Net Worth

diGenova estimated net worth is under review.

Joseph diGenova Scooter Libby

DiGenova called on President Trump to pardon Scooter Libby, adviser of Dick Cheney, who was found guilty of perjury in an investigation revolving around leaks of sensitive classified material. Joseph DiGenova is married to Libby’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing. On April 13, 2018, Trump pardoned Libby.

Russian interference in the 2016 election

DiGenova fequently featured as an analyst and commentator on Fox News, has accused FBI officials of trying to “frame” President Donald Trump for “nonexistent” crimes. On March 19, 2018, diGenova and his spouse, Victoria Toensing, were hired to serve on Trump’s legal team for the Special Counsel investigation.

However, Trump backtracked the hires several days later due to potential conflicts-of-interest. President Trump hoped diGenova could function as a stand-in for him on television and spearhead the attacks on Mueller and the investigation.

In April 2018, he called for the firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he said that special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election were “legal terrorists” and called former FBI Director James Comey “a dirty cop”.

In May 2018 tweet, President Trump quoted diGenova as saying “The recusal of Jeff Sessions was an unforced betrayal of the President of the United States.”
On February 21, 2019, he began featuring podcast of Laura Ingraham that the US is in a civil war and that he advises friends to prepare for total war by voting and buying guns.

In March 2019, diGenova mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the way she pronounced her name. DiGenova misstated her name as “Anastasio Ocasio-Cortez” and pronounced her name with an exaggerated Italian accent.

Joseph diGenova Wife

DiGenova married Victoria Toensing in 1981. His wife is a lawyer and partner with her husband, Joseph DiGenova, in the Washington law firm DiGenova & Toensing.

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