Mia Kang Bio, Age, Education, Career, Spy Games, Net Worth, Height

Mia Kang Biography

Mia Kang a Chinese-British model, Muay Thai fighter, and former commodities trader. She is of Korean and British descent with a Swiss passport.

Mia Kang Age

Kang was born on 30 December 1988, in Hong Kong.

Mia Kang Education

Kang eaned her degree in philosophy and economics from the University of Bristol. She as well holds a master’s degree in finance and financial law from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Mia Kang Career

Mia started off her modeling carer at the age of 13 yeas. She has modeled for magazines including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2017 and has also been on the covers of several magazines, including the Hong Kong versions of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

She is as well a martial arts fighter. She competed in her first Muay Thai back n 2017. Before she became a Muay Thai boxer, she previously suffered from an eating disorder due to the standards of the modeling industry.

Mia Kang Spy Games

Kang hosts Spy Games, the American reality competition television series premiered on January 20, 2020, on Bravo. The series had 10 contestants as they battle it out for the ultimate prize of $100,000.

The series came to the lime light for being inspired by the World War II government program, where civilians were assessed and trained to be spies. The judges of the show are Douglas Laux, Evy Poumpouras, and Erroll Southers.

The contestants included:

  • null
  • Mitch Adams
  • Saif Kareem
  • Jessica Studd
  • Colin Hutzler
  • George Jackson
  • Chelsey Mori
  • Nika Nour
  • Christina Randall
  • Brock Thompson
  • Charnel Wright
  • Mia Kang Height
  • Kang stands at a height of 1.77 m.

Mia Kang Net Worth

Kang has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has earned her fortune from her career as a Model and Muay Thai fighter.

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