Michelle Vernezze (Nurse) Bio, Age, Height, COVID 19, and Net Worth

By | July 13, 2021

Michelle Vernezze Biography

Michelle Vernezze a nurse from Bristol fighting for her life at a Kenosha hospital after havimg tested positive for COVID-19 on May 4. She is is has graduated from Westosha-Central High School where she met with her husband Ron.

Michelle Vernezze Age

Michelle exact age and date of birth are publicly unknow. However this information will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Michelle Vernezze Height and Weight

Donie stands tall at an average height and has an average body weight.

Michelle Vernezze Family

Vernezze information about her parents are publicly unavailable. owever this information will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Michelle Vernezze Husband

Michelle is married to Ron Vernezze. After she tested positive her husband shared her story Wednesday to help people understand the brutal attack COVID-19 can have on the body and to thank those who have been praying for her recovery. “It’s been a long a road that’s for sure,” Ron said. “I’m typically a very private person. It was kind of hard to agree to do the story or talk about it, because first of all, it hurts. Sometimes it hurts really badly.”

Two weeks from now the couple, both of whom graduated from Westosha-Central High School, are to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. They met when Michelle was a senior in high school, have raised four children, and recently welcomed their first grandchild into the world.

“For 26 years now she’s been by my side,” Ron said. “We do everything together. For her to be at her lowest point in life and I can’t be there, just it’s tough.” The family has only been able to see Michelle through the ground-floor window since she was admitted and have brief conversations with her when she has been strong enough to communicate.

“The outpouring of people who have come forward is literally what has been able to get me through this with my kids,” Ron said. “It is what has kept us going.”

Michelle Vernezze Corona Virus

Ron Michelle’s husband revealed thet they believe Michelle contracted the virus while at work as a nurse at a clinic in Gurnee, Ill. Other than going to work the couple was careful not to leave the house except for essentials. When they went to the grocery store they wore masks and sanitized everything.

Michelle contacted her employer and was told she could come on Monday to be tested. “By Sunday she was just in such pain she had tears in her eyes and I said, ‘We need to go in,’” said Ron, himself a paramedic for 16 years. He said it looked as though she had strep throat. “She was so sick I had to piggyback her to the car. She could barely walk.”

After two types of strep throat tests and a test for mononucleosis all came back negative, Michelle was tested for COVID-19 and returned home. “She woke up Monday and said her entire body was screaming in pain,” Ron said, adding they got the positive COVID-19 result as he was heading back to the hospital with her.

Those were the last moments he has been able to physically be with her, as he was not allowed into the hospital. She called him the following day to let him know her white blood cell count was extremely low and doctors thought she might have leukemia. By Tuesday afternoon she was moved to the Intensive Care Unit on the ground floor, and the family called to talk to her as they visited through a window.

“She could barely lift her arms and the nurse had to help her with her phone,” Ron said. “The only words she told me were, ‘You need to tell the kids I’m going to die.’ That was really hard.”

That support also aims to help the family cover expenses associated with Michelle’s current and future care. Ron had recently taken a new job and will not qualify for family medical leave. A GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $4,000 so far this week.

“I’m not working until she’s better,” Ron said. “When she gets home I’m not going to leave her side until I know she’s OK.”

Michelle Vernezze Health

Michelle has been asthmatic before she tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Michelle Vernezze Net Worth

Michelle estimated net worth is under review.

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