Mike Nelson Biography

Mike Nelson is an American meteorologist who works as chief meteorologist for Denver 7 News in Denver, Colorado. He joined Denver 7 in June 2004 and is now an eighteen-time Emmy Award winner. He spent 40 years predicting the weather on television, 25 of those years in Colorado alone.

He also started working at Weather Central, a private weather service company in Madison. After 1979 he became director of the Central Bureau of Meteorology, leading a staff of 14 meteorologists. Working with Terry Kelly, he created one of the most advanced computers for television.

He learned the technique from Denver’s legendary weather forecaster Stormy Rottman after taking him to Colorado in 1982. He later worked as a weatherman in St. Petersburg. Louis, Missouri. Candidates are also advised to get AMS TV weather forecasts. That’s because he’s a member of the American Meteorological Society’s Broadcast Meteorology Committee.

In addition, Mike was named Citizen of the Year in 2001 by the Colorado Association of Broadcasters. He also studied meteorology at the University of Wisconsin and earned a bachelor’s degree

Mike Nelson Age

How old is Mike Nelson? Mike did not reveal his date, month and year of birth. For this reason, we cannot calculate his age or detect his signature. But from the outside it looks like a throwback to the seventh century. The man’s age is unknown as details about his age have not been provided or published. We will let you know.

Mike Nelson Family

Nielsen has not released any information about his parents and their careers. He has no family and is alone. He also didn’t say that he was an only child or that he had siblings.

Mike Nelson’s Wife

What Will Mike Nelson Do? Nelson is married to his beautiful wife Cindy. They are parents of three children named Anders, Becca and Christiana. They are also the grandparents of Liam and Owen. They also live in Denver with their little boxers Tinq, Tilly and Torq.

Mike Nelson Height and Weight

How tall is Mike Nelson? Nelson is 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) tall. He also has an average weight for his height.

Mike Nelson Salary

Nelson’s annual salary is approximately $45,000. He did this as an airman with the Denver 7.

Mike Nelson’s Net Worth

His net worth is approximately $3 million. He earned this honor by completing his career as a meteorologist.


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