Nathan Phillips Activist: Bio, Age, Wife, Military, Native American, Statement and Net Worth

By | July 13, 2021

Nathan Phillips Biography

Nathan Phillips an American Political Activist and War Veteran known for his notable role in the January 2019 Lincoln Memorial confrontation in Washington, D.C. He is as well known for being the Omaha people elder and Supporter of Native American, who led the Standing Rock protests in 2016 and 2017.

Nathan served as a Director of the Native Youth Alliance, a group that aims to uphold traditional culture and spiritual ways for future Native Americans. While in the military, he was trained as an Anti-Tank Missileman, as well as serving on active duty as a refrigerator technician in Nebraska and California.

Nathan Phillips Age

Phillips was born on 22 February 1954 in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America.

Nathan Phillips Activist

At the end of the 20th century, Phillips was trying to establish a foster care program run by American Indians for American Indian children to help them gain an understanding of their heritage: “I don’t want our children to believe that jail is their only place to go.”

The New York Times described Phillips as a former Native Youth Alliance organizer, an organization that strives to preserve traditional culture and spiritual practices for potential Native Americans, and announced that he is leading an annual ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery to honor Native American war veterans.

The Guardian called him “a well-known Native American activist who was among those who led the Standing Rock demonstrations against the building of an oil pipeline in North Dakota in 2016 and 2017”. Phillips was among the last of the demonstrators when law enforcement evicted the camps and effectively ended the protests which, for his part, were “a prayer (…) a pledge to stand up for our youth, for our children, for nature and for my own nation”.

Phillips allegedly harassed him in 2015 by a group of students from Eastern Michigan University. A January 2019 article in The Washington Post identified Phillips as a “veteran in the indigenous rights movement”. An article in Indian Country Today in January 2019 described Phillips as a ‘sacred pipe keeper’

Nathan Phillips Net Worth

Phillips has an estimated net worth of $750,000

Nathan Phillips Lincoln Memorial Confrontation and Statement

On January 18, 2019, video appeared to show Phillips being threatened by a group of high school boys who had attended the coinciding anti-abortion March for Life. Phillips started to chant the Target Song, a popular Native American inter-tribal powwow song. Phillips said he heard the boys sing, “Build that wall! Build that wall!” He said, “It was that moment when I realized that I was putting myself between the beast and the beast.” The video was widely shared through social media and a statement was made.

Journalists checked hours of tapes from various perspectives in the days following the altercation. Video footage also showed Black Hebrew Israelites yelling targeted racial insults and slurs at a group of Native Americans and later on at the students. Phillips and his associates claimed that they perceived the cheers the students had directed as discriminatory towards their nearby Indigenous Peoples March.

Nathan Phillips Height and Weight

Nathan stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters and weighs 156 lbs (71 kg).

Nathan Phillips Education

Nathan enrolled and later graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School. He later moved to Washington, D.C., where he currently resides.

Nathan Phillips Family

Phillips information about his family are publicly unavailable. We will update this section once this information is available.

Nathan Phillips Wife

Nathan previously was married to Shoshana Beth Phillips but later divorced in 2014. The duo was blessed with two adorable children, a daughter named Alethea, and a son named Zakiah Phillips. His wife died in 2014, of the bone-marrow cancer disease.

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