Pamela Reif Biography

Pamela Reif a German model, web video producer, influencer, author, social media star, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. She earned fame after she began posting pictures of her lifestyle online, nutrition tips, and workout routine through her website. She earned over 4.2 million followers on Instagram posting photos and exercise videos.

Pamela Reif Age

Reif was born on 19 August 1996 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Pamela Reif Workout Plan

Pamela previously didn’t know anything about training in the gym. Because of this, she asked a person who worked at her gym to show her how to train. Unfortunately, Pamela didn’t get the training plan she’d hoped for – saying; “This plan was just a standard plan they gave to everyone and not what worked for me.”

The plan Pamela was following consisted of countless cardio sessions, along with some light weightlifting and group training classes. After weeks of training, Pamela saw no changes in her physique. Actually, she only lost more weight on her already slim frame. As she said; “during this time my body got very lean, my body fat percentage was pretty low too, my abs were strong & visible but I was extremely skinny. I weighed about 45kg.”

Having seen little to no results from cardio, Pamela eventually decided to change her training completely. Instead of running on a treadmill, she incorporated more weightlifting into her routine – consisting of squats, deadlifts, and other compound exercises.

“Eventually, I got interested in weightlifting. Not because I felt uncomfortable with my body but because I was interested in what the boys in the gym are doing with those big weights haha. It looked so much more fun than a treadmill.”

Pamela Reif Home Workout Plan

Pamela shares her training online videos, where she demonstrates various exercises, from body-weight workouts, group training, too heavy, and intense weightlifting sessions. She incorporates a lot of strength training in her routine – this is what makes her muscles grow. In terms of cardio, she as well does it only on occasions where she wants to lose excess weight. Her favorite exercises include bodyweight and barbell squats, lunges, deadlifts, bicep curls, and ab rollouts.

Here’s Pamela’s 10-Minute glute routine;

  • Pulse lunge, 30 seconds non-stop each leg
  • Lunge with leg raise, 30 seconds non-stop each leg
  • Jump squat, non-stop for 30 seconds
  • Side Squat Steps, 30 seconds non-stop
  • Sumo Squat, 30 seconds non-stop
  • Abductor Squat, 30 seconds non-stop
  • Donkey Kicks, 30 seconds non-stop each leg
  • Fire Hydrants, Straight Kick-back, 30 seconds non-stop each leg

Pamela Reif Diet

Combined with her nutrient-rich diet, Pamela’s new training program saw her physique improve dramatically. Her arms became toned, her legs and glutes firmer, and her midsection became more ripped than ever. After seeing the results, Pamela became intrigued with the fitness lifestyle. In fact, what started as just a hobby, soon turned into a career on the rise.

Over the years, her diet has changed drastically. While she always focused on eating healthy foods, Pamela didn’t consume enough calories during the early stages of her fitness journey. Because of this, her progress in the gym suffered.

Once she added calorie-dense foods to her diet, Pamela saw the biggest changes in her physique. She stated;

“I started eating a lot of healthy food and got more knowledge about a proper nutrition, macronutrients, calories, and of course I learned how to cook healthy and delicious meals.

Lots of people also think that a healthy lifestyle means that you need to forgo everything. But I learned that you need to concentrate on eating more of the right food instead of concentrating on what you shouldn’t eat. So in fact, you’re eating more, not less.”

Pamela Reif Net Worth

Reif has an estimated net worth of about $2 million.

Pamela Reif Family

Reif’s was born to her mother, Manuela Reif, owns a boutique. However, she has not shared information about her biological father. She was raised along with her brother, Dennis Reif.

Pamela Reif Boyfriend

Reif is reported that In Jan 2017 she started dating German goalkeeper Loris Karius. The duo has been dating the stunning blonde Instagram icon since November after breaking up with his former girlfriend, German fashion model Annelie Alpert after a two-year-long relationship.

Pamela Reif Height and Weight

Reif stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) and weighs 119 lbs (54 kgs).


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