Ross Perot Jr Biography

Perot Jr is an American real estate developer and businessman who is best known for his development of AllianceTexas . AllianceTexas is an inland port near Dallas-Fort Worth . He is known for his circumnavigation of the world in a helicopter at the age of 23 .

Ross Perot Jr Age

Perot Jr was born on November 7th , November , 1958 , in Dallas , Texas , U.S .

Ross Perot Jr Career

In 1982, Perot Jr co-piloted a flight that circled the world in a helicopter . Using a Bell 206 L-1 Long Ranger II , he completed the circumnavigation on 30th , september , 1982 . Perot Jr. has expanded his family’s fortune primarily through real estate and serves as chairman of The Perot Group . The Perot Group manages the various Perot family interests that include real estate , oil and gas , and financial investments .

He is well known for his 1980’s development and ownership of the Fort Worth Alliance Airport and the residential community of Heritage , which is a successful development executed by the public-private partnership Alliance Texas . Perot Jr is also Chairman of Hillwood , which he founded in 1988 . Hillwood is ranked among the top ten real estate developers in the United States and is recognized for its high-profile projects and public-private ventures .

From 2002-2003 he served as chairman of the Texas Governor’s Task Force for Economic Growth . In March , 2007 , Perot Jr. was nominated as a member of his Texas finance committee by presidential candidate Mitt Romney . Perot Jr. was a member of the Board of Directors for Dell Inc . Perot is a board member of Guide IT .

He is the Chairman of the United States Air Force Memorial Foundation and Co-Chairman of the EastWest Institute . Also , he sits on the Board of Trustees of St. Mark’s School of Texas , Southern Methodist University , and Vanderbilt University .

Perot Jr . was the 1983 recipient of the Langley Gold Medal from the Smithsonian Institution .

Ross Perot Jr. Dallas Mavericks ownership

In March, 1996 , Perot Jr. purchased the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team from original owner Don Carter . In his four-year tenure , the Mavericks made no more progress on the court than they had in Carter’s final seasons . It was said that he was a basketball novice , or disinterested in the sport[18] and was using his position as team owner to front his projects ; most notably Victory Park , which was anchored by the American Airlines Center which opened in 2001 .

In January , 2000 , Perot Jr. sold the team to Cuban and the franchise did not have a losing season in fifteen subsequent afterward . They won two Western Conference championships and the 2011 NBA championship .

In May , 2010 , Perot Jr. who retained 5 percent ownership , filed a lawsuit against Cuban , alleging the franchise was insolvent or in imminent danger of insolvency . Cuban responded in June , 2010 in a court filing maintaining that Perot Jr . is wrongly seeking money to offset some 100 million USD in losses on the Victory Park real estate development .

The lawsuit was dismissed in 2011 , due in part to Cuban asserting proper management of the team due to its recent victory in the 2011 NBA Finals . In 2014 , the 5th Circuit Court affirmed that decision on appeal .

Ross Perot Jr. Salary

Perot Jr. Salary estimates is still under review , this section shall be updated once information is available .

Ross Perot Jr. Net Worth

Perot Jr. Net Worth is estimated to be 2.1 billion USD .

Ross Perot Jr. Family

Perot Jr is the son of billionaire , philanthropist , and politician , Ross Perot . His father was the founder and former chief executive officer of Electronic Data Systems and Perot Systems .

Ross Perot JrFather’s Death

Perot Jr. lost his Father on 9th , July , 2019, 9 in Dallas , Texas after a battle with leukemia . He was 89 years old at the time of his death .

Ross Perot Jr Wife

Perot Jr is happily married to Sarah Perot . They are blessed with four children .However they have kept their love life private , this section shall be updated once information is available .

Ross Perot Jr. Education

Perot Jr. Education background and starndards is not known publicly , this section shall be updated once information is available .



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