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By | August 7, 2021

Sean Casey Biography

Sean Casey is a Reality star  known as an IMAX film director/producer and a professional storm chaser.

Sean Casey Age

Sean was born in California on 28th , December , 1967 .

Sean Casey Career

Sean is an IMAX film director/ producer known for filming Tornado Alley, an IMAX film, released to the world in March 2011. He directed an IMAX documentary, Extreme Weather, that was produced by the National Geographic. Extreme Weather was released in theatres in October 2016. During the filming of the documentary, Extreme Weather, He reviewed that he panicked due to the wildfires.

His other IMAX films include Forces of Nature (2004), Alaska: Spirit of the Wild( 1997), and The Serengeti (1994). He directed Just Tattoo us (2017), Back from the Bink: Saved from Extinction (2019). Also, he directed music videos for Rilo Kiley and Violent Femmes.

Casey has been chasing storms for 20 years since 1999. He built two armored trucks called Tornado Intercept Vehicles, TIV1, and TIV2, to chase tornadoes in close range. He started building TIV1 in 2003 that weighs 7,300kg and TIV2 in 2007, which weighs 6,400kg. TIV1 holds 260Litres of fuel while TIV2 holds 360Litres.

He also appeared on the Discovery Channel television reality series, Storm Chasers from season 1 to 5.

Sean Casey Salary

Sean Salary estimates is still under review this section shall be updated once information is available .

Sean Casey Net worth

Sean Net Worth is estimated to USD to 5 million USD .

Sean Casey Family

Sean Family background and details is not known publicly , this section shall be updated once information is available

Sean Casey Wife

Sean seperated with Jeniffer Casey , Jeniffer filed for a divorce lawsuit on 16th , March , 2016 , at a Los Angeles County Superior Courts . The case is now dismissed .Sean has two daughters , born different years respctively .

Sean Casey Education

Sean Education background and starndard is not known , this section shall be updated once information is available .


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