Sidian Jones Biography

Sidian is a television reality star who is known for appearing on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife . He stars in the show together with his wife Tosha Jones and their kids . He is the founder of Open Source Religion . He founded and

Sidian Jones Age

Sidian was born on January 18th , January , 1983 . However , the exact place of birth is not publicly known , this section shall be updated once information is vailable .

Sidian Jones Career

Sidian describes himself as a singer , author , graphic designer , and personal mythologist . He co-authored The Voice of Rolling Thunder and The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder . He is the founder of Open Source Religion .

Under his singer cap , he releases music under the name Sidian , the Boise . He lists some of his achievements on his LinkedIn page as playing a key role in company acquisition by Apple . Apple and Stephen King have used his designs in the past .

In addition , his articles featured in the Spark of Genius series on Huffington Post , TechCrunch , . Jones collaborated with Blizzard North, Patrick Rothfuss , and Warren Adler on The Game of Books . The author raised over 100K for The Game of Books on . His books have also been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience and they can be found on Barnes & Noble Shelves .

Sidian Jones Salary

Sidian Salary estimates is still under review , this section shall be upated once information is available .

Sidian Jones Net Worth

Sidian Net Worth is estimated to be between 100,000 USD to 5 million USD . He has accumulated his net worth through his job as an author, graphic designer, and television reality star.

Sidian Jones Family

Sidian Family background and details is not known publicly , However , However , the identity of his grandfather is known . His grandfather was a famous spiritualist Rolling Thunder . Rolling Thunder born John Walter Pope was a native American medicine man and new age spiritual leader. Sidian is a mythologist and the founder of Open Source Religion .

Sidian Jones wife

Sidian is married to Tosha Jones . According to his Facebook , the two got engaged in February, 2019 . Tosha is a 29-year-old , real estate advisor and a television reality star . She is the co-founder of MyMythos and MyMthosKids . His wife describes herself as a polygamist, nerd , and gin connoisseur .

Sidian Jones Seeking Sister Wife

Sidian is a star of TLC’s reality series Seeking Sister Wife . He stars alongside his wife Tosha , and their two kids March 2021 . The couple is seeking a sister wife after their first wife abandoned them as the fans learn from the season premiere . Following the first wife splitting and abandoning the couple , Sidian and Tosha had a brief split as they dealt with abandonment issues . After the two reconciled , they are set out to search for a sister wife .

The couple has two children named Tyrion and Liam . It is not yet clear whether either of the children is from the first wife or not .

Sidian Jones Education

Sidian Education background and starndards is not publicly known , this section shall be updated once information is available .


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