Thaddeus Matthews (Cussing Pastor) Age: Bio, Wiki, Wife, Son, and Net Worth

By | May 18, 2021

Thaddeus Matthews Biography

Thaddeus A. Matthews an American pastor leading the congregation of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Memphis. He earned himself the name “The Cussing Pastor” for using vulgar language in his sermons on Social media.

Thaddeus Matthews Age

Thaddeus was born in 1957 in the United States.

Thaddeus Matthews Wife

Matthews dated Towonna Murphy but the duo separated after their love went sour which lead to them filling restraining orders against each other. According to Radio Ink, Matthews, claims to have had a previous sexual relationship with Miss Murphy.

Thaddeus Matthews Net Worth

Matthews has an estimated net worth rsmge of between $100k – $500k U.S dollars.

Thaddeus Matthews Viral Video

A video of Matthews insulting a churchgoer who objected to his cursing went viral on the internet in December 2017. In the video, Matthews calls the churchgoer a “bitch” several times and then explains that his good deeds and faith should far outweigh his choice to swear.

Thaddeus Matthews Photo

“I’m the cussing pastor while your motherfing pastor ain’t doing a godamn thing.” “I’m the cussing pastor that used my platform to raise $6000 for this mother that was going through a plight, where this other ignorant-a, non-functioning-a pastors weren’t doing a motherfng thing in the city.”

Thaddeus Matthews Controversies

Matthews was indicted for sharing images of child pornography on his Facebook page a year earlier, Commercial Appeal reported. Matthews posted the sick picture, which shows an adult engaged in a sexual act with a child under five while broadcasting his online show.

He reportedly told police that he published the picture, which had been sent to him by the same woman numerous times, to help police find out who the pedophile was. Police also arrested two girls aged 13 and 16 for sharing the picture, and all were charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.

Thaddeus Matthews Son Killed

Kenya Matthews, who was Thaddeus’ son died in a car accident in June 2017 by a drunk driver. Kenya was riding his bicycle along West Raines Road and Weaver Road when the driver, Melvin Willies, hit and killed him. His father blamed Shelby County for his son’s death since Melvin was already on probation for his reckless driving and sued the county for $1 million.

Three months before the accident happened, a judge ordered an interlock device installed in Melvin’s vehicle as a part of his probation. Willies was already convicted in two other states for DUI and Matthews claimed the county was negligent in installing the device and allowing him to drive and kill his son. Matthews said,

“How many other offenses like this are going to take place before the District Attorney General and Shelby County government is held responsible,” “For you not to do your due diligence, not to do your job. In this case, they slapped him on the wrist, and he killed my son.”

Thaddeus Matthews Church

Matthews is the lead pastor of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries. NTLM believes in the Godhead without the recognition of a religious denomination or affiliation.

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