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Young Kim Biography

Young Kim is an American politician who served in the California State Assembly representing the 65th Republican Partisan assembly district. , including the northern Orange County area. She is the first Korean-American Republican woman to serve as a California state legislator. King, born October 18, 1962, is a Republican candidate for California’s 39th Congressional District.

King lost to Jill Cisneros in the general election. If she wins, she will become the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress. Kim was born in Incheon, South Korea and spent his childhood in Seoul. In 1975 he and his family left Korea to live in Guam, where he completed his university education.

He started his education at the University of Southern California in 1981 and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the school. After graduating from USC, he worked as a financial analyst at First Interstate Bank and then as a manager at JK Sportswear Manufacturing. Kim also started her own business in women’s clothing.

Young Kim Age

He will be 60 years old in 2023. Kim was born on October 18, 1962 in Incheon, South Korea. He celebrates his birthday on October 18 every year.

Young Kim Education

Graduated from high school in Guam. He later joined USC in 1981, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Young Kim Height & Weight

Average height is 1.74″ and weight is approximately 55kg.

Young Kim Family

He was born in Incheon, South Korea and spent his childhood in Seoul. In 1975 he and his wife family graduated from college. Left Korea to live in Guam

Young Kim’s husband

She and her husband Charles Kim have been married since 1986.
She has not disclosed the information about her husband. This information is under review and will be updated soon.

Young Kim Children

has four children from his wife. The eldest, Christine, is a graduate of UC Irvine. Others, Hannah, Alvin, and Kelly, are Cal State Fullerton graduates. Charles served as President of InterCommunity Action Network, a La Habra-based nonprofit that fosters relationships between local government and the Korean community.
He is also the founder of the Korean American League and the Black Korean League

Young Kim’s Work

Kim’s husband met then State Senator Ed Royce while supporting non-profit Korean American organizations (Ed Royce). Royce later hired him to work for him. When Royce was elected Representative to the United States, she continued to work for him, serving a total of 21 years as the church’s community liaison and director of Asian affairs.
He also appeared regularly on his own TV show Seoul & Kim Young for much of that time. He also appeared on the radio show “Radio Seoul”, where he discussed political issues affecting Korean-Americans.

He was elected to Parliament in 2014, defeating Democratic MP Sharon Quirk-Silva. In 2016, Quick Silva defeated Kim in a rematch. In 2017, Kim announced her candidacy for the Orange County Board of Supervisors. A controversial office in the Fourth District, which includes the cities of Fullerton, Placentia, La Habra, and Brea, as well as the Anaheim and Buena Park districts.

However, soon after Royce announced his retirement in January 2018, he publicly announced his takeover as California’s 39th District representative, replacing Royce. Royce supports Kim the day after he announces his retirement. [His opponent is Democrat Jill Cisneros. Reviews showed that the entire campaign was tight, with 38 of the five watched matches close. The preliminary results on election night put him at 52 points. 5% – 47.5% lead.

However, after counting the votes, he lost to Cisneros against 49.2 percent of Kim, who received 50.8 percent of the vote. Congressional District, NBC News reports.This came after defeating Republican candidate Young Kim and giving the Democrats the sixth seat in California.

The victory is important because District 39 is one of seven seats south of Los Angeles in Orange County, traditionally strongly Republican and the birthplace of President Richard Nixon. Army veteran and philanthropist Cisneros took the seat vacated by the Representative of the Republic. Ed Royce and his victory turned the region from red to blue, meaning the Republicans will be kept out of Orange County for the first time. Big depression.

Cisneros won a $266 million lottery jackpot in 2010 and used some of that winnings to beat its Republican rival and essentially fund its own campaign. Race 39 was one of the most expensive races in the country, with the Cisneros spending approximately $9.7 million, including $8 million, and King approximately $1.9 million.

Young Kim Issue

In 2018, key issues for Kim include immigration reform to “create jobs and keep taxes low”, “raise funds for science, technology, engineering and math education” and “bring people to America”
“Because undocumented children are treated with fairness and compassion.” It also encourages student loan forgiveness if the borrower defaults.

Young Kim’s policy position

The platform to run for Parliament in 2016 includes opposing changes to Proposition 13 that would limit property taxes. The 2018 congressional agenda included opposition to the Affordable Care Act, support for the Juvenile Justice Act, support for the “protection of the city’s protected by local authorities” and support for immigration.

Young Kim Trump

Kim praised Trump’s policies and asked conservatives to endorse Trump’s economic results, not “night tweets”.
On June 7, 2018, Kim Young told an interviewer during a live interview with Korea Daily that Trump’s trade policy has strengthened the US economy. “Thanks to deregulation, our economy has grown. Thanks to tax reform, American foreign companies have come back to the United States and supported our business by manufacturing there. Look, conclude it’s good for us,” Kim said.
See the President’s traditional tweets, the way he speaks, the way he speaks that we don’t like, in short, he helped us. . . Meanwhile, the president we wanted appeared. If you see this, you may be amazed.

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