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Chase Chrisley Biography

Chase Chrisley an American actor and television personality, who gained popularity as “The Favourite” after appearing as a cast member of the USA Network reality television series, Chrisley Knows Best, which features Chase’s father and his family. Chrisley is also known for WWE Monday Night RAW (1993), Growing Up Chrisley (2019) and Peacock Presents: At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth MacFarlane (2020).

Chase Chrisley Age

Chrisley on June 1, 1996, in South Carolina, United States of America.

Chase Chrisley Teeth

It won’t surprise people if you are puzzled with Chrisley’s teeth because everyone who knows him usually wonders if those are his natural teeth. Well, yes those are the teeth of the star there are speculations that he may be using veneers which aid in front surface teeth appearance.

Whatever it is that he is doing to his teeth, it is playing the trick well, and he should one day share the methodology for those who have problems with dental appearance.

Besides his attractive teeth is the issue of his tattoo worth $300. Although Chrisley’s tattoos were communicating on biblical verses on the side of his body, his father, who was furious that he needs to use his body as a ‘cheat sheet’ to remember Biblical verses, asked him to have them removed in exchange for a brand new Range Rive SUV worth $140,000.

Chase who respects the opinions of his parents, had already decided to get it removed and considers it a ‘genius decision’ as he got a $140,000 car for a $300 tattoo. Another time Chase created a furor after deciding to donate sperm for money.

Chase Chrisley Candles

Chrisley has big things going on in his life right now including a new business venture, Chrisley Collection candles! He Knows Best returned last night and the candles were on display throughout the season premiere. It looks like they will be marketed as Candles by Chrisley in the future according to a recent tweet from Chase.

Everyone knows I love candles! Candles by Chrisley on the way! #ChrisleyKnowsBest Chase Chrisley (@ChrisleyChase) November 29, 2018, The details surrounding the new business venture are scarce. Chrisley and his friend, Rondell Smith went in together on making candles.

The show focuses on a Nashville family ruled by a stern, know-it-all “patriarch of perfection” who regularly expresses his frustration with his family’s inability to live up to his high standards.

Chase Chrisley Brooke Noury

Chase Chrisley was spotted with American actress Brooke Noury since 2015. But within a year they had called it quits. Chase had announced it to E! News and also deleted his ex-photos from his social media accounts. The likely cause of the break-up was said to be the unfaithfulness on the part of Brooke Noury. In an episode of Chrisley Know Best, Chase visits his parent’s house to tell them the breakup news.

But his father already knows that through his Instagram posts. Then Todd reveals shocking details about how the family felt about Brooke. But, they reportedly split up since February 2018. Noury is a Georgia native Instagram model who rose to fame after her relationship with Chrisley.

Chase Chrisley Know Best

A mini version of Todd, who prides himself on being the favorite child, Chase is always trying to outsmart his dad, which keeps him under Todd’s watchful eye at all times. The 20-year-old top athlete is now away at college, where there are all-new women to charm.

Chase Chrisley Net Worth

Chrisley has an estimated Net Worth range of between $500, 000 dollars and $5 million

Chase Chrisley Height and Weight

Chrisley stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and weighs 132 lbs (60 Kg).

Chase Chrisley Family

Chrisley was born to Julie Chrisley (mother), a business partner, and Todd Chrisley (father), a millionaire who owns a real estate business and owns a lavish bungalow and the ‘patriarch of perfection’, and his family. Chase’s reputation as a mischief-maker keeps him under the watchful eyes of his father and makes the family dynamic and much more enjoyable to the audience.

There would hardly be any episode without Chase creating some kind of trouble; and if in an episode it is someone else under fire, Chase makes sure to use the situation to his advantage, which often involves coaxing his father.

In his continuous attempt to outsmart his father, Chase often gets his sister Savannah as his partner in crime. While it can be said that Chase is the most favorite character of their family show, closely followed by his younger sister Savannah, they both might soon get a brand new show for themselves.

Todd Chrisley mentioned in an interview that a new spin-off show named “Growing Up Chrisley” will follow the two of them as they enter college life. For some time Chase also had a podcast show named ‘The Chase Christy Podcast’.

Chase Chrisley Siblings

Chrisley is one of five children born to Todd and Julie Chrisley with his siblings Savannah Chrisley (born 11th August 1997) and Grayson Chrisley (born 16th May 2006). He also has 2 step-siblings, a brother Kyle and sister Lindsie. These two children are from Todd’s first marriage to Teresa Terry whom he divorced.

Teresa Terry had disclosed that Todd was a very strict husband and used to beat her. Chase also is very close to his younger adorable brother Grayson. Lindsie Chrisley through married has divorced her husband, Will Campbell in 2016. She has one son; Jackson Campbell. She too stars on the show and is quite close to her family.

However, the eldest son Kyle is estranged from the family. He has a child with Angela Johnson who is named Chloe. The custody of the daughter is with Todd Chrisley. Kyle is remarried to Alexus Whilby. Kyle had drug addictions and other vices and is not on talking terms with his father. Chase and other family members are also aloof from Kyle. Kyle had appeared only on the first few episodes of the show ‘Chrisley knows best’.

Chase Chrisley Lindsey Merrick

Chase once went public with his new girlfriend, Lindsey Merrick. Their first picture together was shared on September 10 on Instagram and looked like the couple was enjoying each other’s company. However, it was clear that Chase was indeed single again. The Chrisley Knows Best star was dating girlfriend Lindsey Merrick during the fall of 2018 but fans on social media speculated that the pair have gone their separate ways.

Fans of the reality star were first introduced to Lindsey via patriarch Todd Chrisley’s Instagram. “This just makes me smile, I’m so thrilled to formally introduce to the world one of the sweetest souls around,” Todd captioned a photo of his son and Lindsey back in December. “We are so blessed to have this young lady [in Chase’s] life, we love you, sweet girl.”

Chase Chrisley Brooke Noury

We were definitely shocked that Lindsey received Todd’s seal of approval, as Chase’s former girlfriend was not as lucky. During an episode of the USA Network show that aired in May viewers listened in as Todd tried to comfort his son during his breakup with longtime girlfriend Brooke Noury.

During a one-on-one interview, the reality star dad revealed: “If I don’t like ya, I don’t like ya. But my child, Chase, is brokenhearted over the fact that he’s single from someone that none of us like. I’m not going to lie to you, that gives me great comfort.” Though Chase’s dad certainly seemed to approve of Lindsey, the couple appears to have called it quits.

Chase Chrisley Brielle Biermann

Chase was then said to be dating Kim Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Biermann. Chrisley admitted that he knew Brielle for a very long time. But he denied being in a romantic relationship with her. He said that such a love bond between the two can never happen. Presently he seems to be single!

Chase Chrisley Kayla Puzas

Chrisley posted a photo of him and his new girlfriend, Kayla Puzas on Instagram this evening to an outpouring of questions from his fans. Some wanted to know what happened to his previous relationship and others wanted to know if she was just a friend that was a girl.

Chase Chrisley Dog

The Chrisley Knows Best household is a bit shaken after their dog Lilo’s cancer scare. The French bulldog belongs to his son Chase and has quickly earned a special place in the real estate mogul’s heart.


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