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By | April 26, 2021

Emily Jashinsky Biography

Emily Jashinsky an American a commentary writer for the Washington previously the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation. She is additionally a keen activist for youth rights and was a speaker for the American Youth Foundation before starting her role with The Examiner.

Emily Jashinsky Age

Emily was born in 1993, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the United States of America. Her exact date of birth is currently not known to the public yet. We will update you once this information is available.

Emily Jashinsky FOX News: Wisconsin

On several occasions during Emily’s tenure as their president, the George Washington Young American Foundation (GW YAF) received national media attention for defending conservative values.

After the GW Student Association attempted to mandate sensitivity training in the spring of 2015, GW YAF successfully defended the free speech rights of all students. Emily successfully expanded GW YAF’s size and influence on campus by increasing membership, earning more funding from the university, and utilizing the power of new media.

Since completing her education, Emily’s work has featured everywhere from The O’Reilly Factor to Good Morning America. Now working as a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, Emily gets to explain and present her views on a range of political and cultural issues regularly.

On her arrival at GW in 2011, Emily quickly joined the university’s YAF chapter and remained involved until her graduation in 2015. Her writing has been published by major think tanks and conservative media outlets. Emily has additionally worked as a research worker at AEI where she served as Christina Hoff Sommers’ intern for 2 years.

Emily Jashinsky Awards

In 2016, at the Red Alert Politics Emily was named to its 30 Under 30 List of leading young conservatives.

Emily Jashinsky Trivia

Emily has spent two years working as an intern for one of her absolute heroes, the author, and philosopher. She has an experience she often describes as being invaluable and incredibly influential on her development as a person.

In her downtime, Emily is a frantic devourer of TV. Especially box sets, quoting shows such as ‘Reno 911’, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. These were some of her favorites. She is also a big fan of Sarah Silverman and some sitcoms from the 1990s.

Emily has also successfully promoted the Fred R. Allen Lecture Series featuring conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, which triggered protests on college campuses across the country by leftists trying to silence conservatives. She works tirelessly every single day to help students expose the biases on their high school and college campuses.

Her activism started as a student at The George Washington University where Emily rebuilt the YAF chapter on campus. She organized several events with conservative speakers on campus and brought a different point of view to a left-leaning institution. Liberal outrage over their events landed her YAF chapter in the national news numerous times.

Emily Jashinsky Net Worth

Emily has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Emily Jashinsky Height and Weight

Emily stands tall at an average height, he has an average body weight.

Emily Jashinsky Weight

Emily has a moderate weight. She has not shared her weight with the public.

Emily Jashinsky Education

Emily got introduced to Young America’s Foundation after tuning into a Livestream of the National Conservative Student Conference as a high school student.

She latrer graduated from George Washington University in 2015, with a B.a in political science and creative writing. Her work has been revealed by a range of supposing tanks and national media outlets, as well as with the America Enterprise Institute and Campus Reform.

She studied during the 2008 Presidential election campaign and moving from the ‘Bible Belt’ at a young age, which prompted Emily to develop her own political and sociological views. She now lives and works in Washington DC and continues to develop her keen obsession with culture and politics.

Emily Jashinsky Parents and Siblings

Emily was born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Herparents ran a strict Lutheran household and much of her upbringing was quite religious. Information of her family has not been shared with the public.

Emily Jashinsky Husband

Emily has shard information of her love life with public with. This information will be updated as soon as its available.

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