Rachel Boesing Biography

Rachel Boesing an American reporter well known for her works on Channel 4 News and 20th Annual Kingdom Day Parade in 2005. Boesing upkeeps her life hosting various QVC programs. She currently works as a program host on QVC.

She neither had obligations nor difficulties in her life to pursue her career, despite being an adopted child. She began her career serving as a weekday entertainment reporter and weekday weather anchor in KVBC TV, in the year1997. Marching on the steps to success, she joined KNBC in LA as a weather reporter in the year 2003.

The reporter took a new step in career leaving the reporting and starting her own business which provided marketing and multimedia consulting services in 2007. Her business was the turning point in her career as her works supplemented with her communication skills as well as proper business skills assisted her to get more attention.

Rachel was rewarded for exhibiting exemplary works in her business as she saw herself getting on board as a program host on QVC, the country’s highly famed home shopping network in the year 2011.

Rachel Boesing Age

Boesing was born on May 17, 1966, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rachel Boesing QVC

Boesing got the opportunity to go LIVE on-air on QVC September 30th on the 7-9 am Mornings Made Easy Show with Rachel Boesing and Dan Hughes. Peepsnake was voted as the winner of the QVC Sprouts Program (week 71) by Peepsnake and QVC customers. Along the way, Boesing made sure to keep all her friends and supporters engaged in her story and entrepreneurial path.

After winning the contest in November 2014, QVC put Peepsnake for sale on their website. They sold out in a week! Six months later, they invited Boesing to take part in their “inventor” series they were launching.

Six minutes to present her product on-air live! Of course, she was nervous, but how could she turn down an unbelievable life experience like that? After her “guest” training class in August, Boesing watched QVC diligently every day for a month to see what presentation styles she liked and took notes.

Wow, did the 6 minutes go by fast! Overall, she got most everything she wanted to get in and was pleased with her presentation. Peepsnake sold out of 4 of the 6 colors by the end of the show and is currently growing a waitlist.

Boesing take-away from her experience: Everyone that she interacted with on the set at QVC Live was helpful, friendly, supportive, and buttoned-up. They have quite the “family” there– she can now understand why millions of people tune in every day.

Rachel Boesing Salary

Boesing earns an estimated salaries range of $41,875 to $56,633

Rachel Boesing Net Worth

Boesing has an estimated net worth of $1 million

Rachel Boesing Height and Weight

Boesing stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches(1.75 m or 175 cm) and has an average body weight

Rachel Boesing Education

Boesing enrolled and later graduated in the field of Psychology in 1988 at Brown University. At the University of Michigan, she earned an MBA in marketing.

Rachel Boesing Family

Boesing is Originally from Nigerian French, Ukranian, and German family background but got adopted by the white family when she was just two-months-old. She was raised up alongside two siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister.

Along with her brother are the only members of the family to pursue a career beyond the artistic world. Her mother is a playwright and her father is a composer where her sister is an opera singer. She possesses Nigerian, French, Ukrainian, and German mixed ethnicity. She also holds an American nationality. During her childhood, she went to rollerskating and played tennis in high school.

At 18, she became an avid roller skater and still likes to run with her wheels at the roller garden.

Rachel Boesing Husband

Rachel information about her love family is not yet known to the public. Nevertheless, we are keeping tabs and will update you once this information is available.

Rachel Boesing Children

Rachel has four children named as Clayton(son) who is the eldest one and followed by Rachel (her first daughter and second child). Boesing brood expanded again after the arrival of Maclain and Jonah.


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