Students explore opportunities in Washington through WilDCats at the Capitol

The WilDCats at the Capitol internship program at the University of Kentucky seems to offer an exceptional opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in Washington, D.C. through internships, coursework, and immersive living arrangements. It’s impressive how the program has evolved since its inception in 2016, expanding its reach and impact across various departments and academic disciplines.

Gavin Cooper’s testimony about the hands-on experience and its real-world impact reflects the program’s effectiveness in bridging academic knowledge with practical application. Additionally, the program’s commitment to inclusivity, as highlighted by its collaboration with different university departments and offices, ensures that students from diverse backgrounds have access to these opportunities.

Amelia Iliohan’s success story further emphasizes the program’s transformative impact, providing students with a pathway to explore their passions and pursue meaningful careers, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

The appointment of Matthew Jackson as the assistant director of federal relations demonstrates the university’s dedication to the program’s growth and sustainability, ensuring that it continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for students in Washington.

Overall, the WilDCats at the Capitol internship program appears to be an excellent platform for students to not only gain professional experience but also to explore diverse career pathways and make meaningful contributions to society.


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