Suleman Dawood Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth Titanic Expedition Submersible

By | July 14, 2023

Suleman Dawood Biography

Suhrman Darwood is the son of Pakistani-British philanthropist and businessman Shazada Darwood. En route to the Titanic wreck on June 18, 2023, he was a fellow passenger when the Titan submarine sank.

Suleman Dawood Age

Sullman Dawood was born in 2004 in Karachi, Pakistan. he is 19 years old

Suleman Dawood Height

Suleman’s average height is 1.7 meters.

Suleman Dawood Education

Suleman attended a prestigious private school in London and was a student at a prestigious educational institution. He enjoys playing volleyball, traveling, discovering new things and reading science fiction.

Suleman Dawood Family

Suleman Durwood was born in London, England in 2004 to a wealthy Pakistani-British family. He comes from a wealthy entrepreneurial family. His grandfather, Hussein Dawood, is one of Pakistan’s richest men. Sullman’s father, Shazada Dawood, was a close friend of Charles III. It also has an important commercial position. Sources say Slemann’s mother, Christine Durwood, is German in origin.

Information about Suleman was scarce, but we learned that he recently graduated from ACS International School in his Cobham. He also made great strides in his academics, completing his first year at the prestigious Strathclyde His Business School.

Suleman Dawood Girlfriend

Srem Hunt has shared details about his relationship status, but an investigation is ongoing and will be updated soon.

Suleman Dawood’s Net Worth

Slemn’s net worth is around €120 million.

Suleman Dawood Career

Suleman Dawood is part of a wealthy Pakistani-British family based in London, England. Sullman’s grandfather, Hussein Dawood, is chairman of Engro Corporation and Dawood Hercules Corporation. His father, Shazada Dawood, is the Vice President of these two companies.

Life was going well for Sullman Durwood until June 2023, but then everything changed. Mr. Sleman embarked on a dangerous mission on Sunday, June 18, to investigate the wreckage of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean, according to people familiar with the matter. Accompanied by their father, Shazada Dawood, they embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition in a submarine. Unfortunately, they lost contact with the dive boat and left little information regarding their whereabouts.

Suleman and her father boarded the Ocean Gate submersible Titan, along with three other people. The sudden disappearance of the submarine and five crew members caused widespread fear and unrest.

Suleman Dawood embarked on an epic journey with his father Shazada in June 2023 to examine the wreckage of the mythical Titanic. Oceangate arranged the voyage, and their ship Titan had a crew of five, including Mr. and Mrs. Darwoods, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Narjolet, and Oceangate founder Stockton Rush.

Tragically, contact with the submarine was suddenly lost, leaving its whereabouts a mystery. At about 10:00 a.m. ET, while hovering over the wreckage of the Titanic, the Titan received the last known message of a dangerous turn in the voyage.

After communication was lost, the US Coast Guard received a distress call. The Coast Guard Boston Station immediately launched the largest submarine rescue operation in history. Their efforts are aimed at finding and rescuing Suleman Dawood and the crew, including his father.

Despite intensive search operations by the Navy, no significant clues have been found so far. According to former Royal Navy Commander Ryan Ramsey, rescue of the crew may not be possible due to the lack of technology required for such a difficult search mission. The unforgiving depth of the Atlantic poses great challenges to their safe recovery.

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