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SwizZz Biography

SwizZz (Justin Ritterbetter) is an American rapper known for significantly collaborating with childhood friend Hopsin. He has released various mixtapes including Haywire with Hopsin, and Good Morning SwizZzle. He is currently working on his untitled debut studio album.

SwizZz Age

Ritter was born on September 28, 1987, in San Fernando Valley, California, United States.

SwizZz And Hopsin

SwizZz initially met Hopsin in high school, where they were classmates and became close friends. After high school, SwizZz got accepted into the University of California at Irvine, but after two years he decided to put his education on hold, while he would pursue a career in music. He was having a hard time figuring out what he wanted to major in, and he could not find anything he was passionate about in school.

In 2009, Hopsin founded his own independent record label, Funk Volume, with Damien Ritter. SwizZz, who is Damien Ritter’s younger brother became the first artist to be signed to Funk Volume. Shortly after launching Funk Volume, Hopsin and SwizZz released a collaborative mixtape titled Haywire on June 18, 2009, to promote the label.

Funk Volume originally wanted to sell it for retail sales but was unable due to Hopsin still being contracted by Ruthless Records at the time. On mixtape website DatPiff, it has been certified Gold for being downloaded over 100,000 times, and it was later made available for purchase for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.com.

SwizZz was featured on three songs from Hopsin’s second studio album Raw (2010).[7] The music video for their collaboration, “How Do You Like Me Now” was released on February 25, 2011.[8][9] Following that he went on the I Am RAW 30-date tour with Hopsin in support of Raw and in promotion of his upcoming mixtape.

On June 25, 2011, SwizZz released his debut solo mixtape Good Morning SwizZzle, along with saying his debut album tentatively titled, Rock, Paper, SwizZzors would be released in 2012.

SwizZz Net Worth

Ѕwіzzz has an estimated net worth of $800 thоuѕаnd.

swizzz automatic Eyes

Swizz puts on Sclera Contact Lenses, these types of lenses cover your entire eyeball, not just the iris-like the majority of contact lenses you’ll see. Sclera lenses are something we offer to professionals only as they require much more consideration to safety as other contact lenses. All Contacts require precaution and consideration to safety, however.

swizz Automatic

Hopsin declared the end of Funk Volume when he broke away from the label he co-founded. He discussed his reasoning for leaving in the “Illmind of Hopsin 8” track, where he detailed his grievances with former business partner Damien Ritter.

Each former member of FV responded either via interview or on wax. SwizZZ, who is Ritter’s brother, chose the latter. He unleashed on Hopsin and defended his kin on “Automatic.”Hopsin spoke with HipHopDX’s senior features writer Ural Garrett about his response to SwizZz’s track.

“It wasn’t disrespectful,” Hopsin says. “It was more of just his point of view from the situation and him telling his opinion, which I was wondering how he was gonna go about it where he was going to be like, ‘Fuck you, Hop, you piece of shit. White contacts.’ This and that, but I feel like he did it in a very respectful way. I can’t hate him for that. I completely get it. It is what it is. I’m just gonna do me and that’s not going to change.”

Swizzz Songs

  • “Funk Volume 2013”
  • (with Jarren Benton, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and DJ Hoppa) 2013
  • “Zoom In”
  • “Dead Candy” (with The Jokerr, Cryptic Wisdom and Brains Mcloud) 2015
  • “Automatic” 2016
  • “USER-FRIENDLY” (with The Jokerr, Cryptic Wisdom and Brains Mcloud)
  • “Baby Food”
  • “More To Say”
  • “All In”
  • “Make You Proud”
  • “Fishy”
  • “Running” (ft.Irv Da Phenom)
  • “Take Me Away” (ft. Irv Da Phenom)
  • “Shine” 2017
  • “The Shift”

SwizZz Family

Ritter information about his family are publicly unavailable. We will update this section once this information is available.

SwizZz Wife

Ritter information about his love life are publicly unavailable. We will update this section once this information is available.

Swizzz Height and Weight

Swizzz stands tall at a height of 1.80 m and weighs 80 kgs.

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