Don Trip Biography

Don Trip ( Christopher Don Wallace Jr. ) an acclaimed American rapper and a pioneer of the Memphis sound, he’s put out a consistent stream of mixtapes, albums, and projects since the mid-2000s. His first began to break out in 2011, with the re-release of his song “Letter to my Son” featuring Cee Lo Green. This finally led to his signing to Interscope in 2012 and being named an XXL Freshman later that year.

After being dropped from the label, Don managed to find further success as an independent artist with his critically lauded series of mixtapes titled Step Brothers, in collaboration with fellow Tennessee rapper Starlito.

Don Trip Age

Don was born on August 20, 1985, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America.

Don Trip Music

Don’s profession started at 15 when he began rapping. After working on his craft, he started to release mixtapes and singles in the very late 2000s, leading to a string of 9 projects being released between October 2010 and February 2012.

Releasing his mixtapes on websites such as Datpiff and HotNewHipHop, Don started to amass a following as a street rapper. However, his song “Letter to My Son,” went semi-viral on YouTube, fueling his transition toward mainstream hip-hop.

The song, which detailed Don’s struggle with being unable to see his son due to court ruling, was lauded for its accurate depiction of a hardship not often portrayed in rap music.

In 2012, hot on the heels of “Letter to My Son,” Don was named one of XXL’s 2012 freshmen, together with Future, Danny Brown, Hopsin, and more. Soon after, he was signed to Epidemic Records, a joint enterprise between production duo Cool and Dre and Interscope Records.

Don Trip Step Brothers

Don scored big with his collaborative Step Brothers mixtape with Starlito. Released in 2011, the mixtape was peppered with references and in-jokes relating to the Judd Apatow movie Step Brothers and gained a cult following among the rap community.

A few months before the mixtape’s release, Starlito and Don were introduced to each other by Yo Gotti, with whom Don was touring. Both rappers were already familiar with the other’s music, and after discovering their musical compatibility, decided to make a joint project.

Three studio sessions later, Step Brothers was fully recorded. Due to the success of the mixtape as well as their collaborative chemistry, Starlito and Don Trip continued to collaborate, releasing the Step Brothers 2 mixtape in 2015. While Don Trip was based in Memphis while Starlito was based in Nashville, the two continued to meet up to record, never emailing each other songs back and forth.

Finally, in 2017, the two linked up again for the third installment of the Step Brothers series, preceded by the Karate in the Garage collaborative mixtape. Released independently, like the two previous mixtapes, Step Brothers 3 received widespread critical acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, XXL, and USA Today.

Don Trip Net Worth

Don has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million

Don Trip Albums

  • The Threat 2010
  • Step Brothers Two 2013
  • Godspeed 2015
  • The Head That Wears the Crown 2016
  • 2 Clip Trip 2016
  • Step Brothers Three 2017
  • Christopher 2018
  • Don Trip Songs
  • Surviving da Drought 2009
  • Human Torch 2010
  • Crossface Crippler 2010
  • Terminator 2010
  • Free D Boi 2010
  • Human Torch 2 2011
  • Terminator 2 2011
  • Step Brothers 2011
  • Human Torch 3 2011
  • iHeart Strippers 2011
  • Guerilla 2012
  • Help Is on the Way 2013
  • Randy Savage 2014
  • In the Meantime 2015
  • In the Meantime 2 2016
  • Step Brothers (Karate in the Garage) 2017
  • Don’t Feed the Guerrillas 2019

Don Trip Height and Weight

Don stands tall at an average height and has a moderate body weight.

Don Trip Parents and Siblings

Don information about his family are publicly unavailable. We will update this section once this information is available.

Don Trip Wife

Don information about his love life are publicly unavailable. We will update this section once this information is available.


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